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Kalda Holiday House


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A tired pen pusher sitting in his/her cubicle finds many websites offering various kinds of holiday possibilities… As he/she delves into the beautiful photos and overviews, a sudden need to escape the everyday routine and explore new places, arises. Just one more phone call - does such a place actually exist? And so it is - and he's/she's set! Days  that offer exciting hiking experience in genuine and beautiful nature and evenings of sauna accompanied by gratifying fatigue, not to mention the nights full of deep sleep. Upon departure, one will feel a renewed sense of mental strength and desire to do good. Welcome! A pleasantly cosy holiday house awaits you. The house is situated in the picturesque Loodi Nature Park, on the shore of a beautiful pond. The location is just south of the central part of Estonia - in Viljandi County. You'll reach us in only 15 minutes from Viljandi town centre. The county sports centre is right nearby. Cyclists and roll-skaters are welcome to use the Mulgi Bicycle Marathon and Holstre-Polli Health Centre tracks. The well-maintained skiing tracks of Holstre-Polli Ski Centre await visitors in wintertime. In summer, guests are welcome to take a dip in the pond or fish in one of the most picturesque lakes of the nature park. The hot tube is ready and waiting for you all year round. Accommodation prices start at 12 EUR per guest. The rental of the whole house is 190 EUR per night. The holiday house comprises the following: 8 main and 6 extra bedplaces; 2 triple and 1 double bedroom; kitchen corner (all kitchen utensils available); fireplace hall for 15 guests; washroom and WC on both floors; wood-fired sauna; massage chair and corona table; WiFi. The yard offers the following: 10 tenting sites; hot tube; barbecue and campfire site; sandbox for children; pond for swimming; caravan parking spots; volleyball court and lawn for active games; village swing; bicycle and ski rental.

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Comments (28)
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